A youtube-dl wrapper for downloading audio files.
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2021-04-03 20:00updated gitignoreJaron Swab1+1-0
2021-04-03 20:00added file output with sed to capture file nameJaron Swab1+10-13
2021-04-03 11:32moved name separator insertion out of switch statementJaron Swab1+2-3
2021-04-02 20:06updated install commandsJaron Swab1+3-0
2021-04-02 20:05updated readmeJaron Swab1+12-12
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2021-04-02 19:38Added man page and markdown version for use with pandocJaron Swab2+167-0
2021-04-02 19:08Added separator option, removed used ''Jaron Swab1+15-8
2021-04-02 18:39Initial commitJaron Swab3+761-0