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2021-07-13 01:13Add cpu data and changed directory structureJaron Swab13+109-49
2021-06-09 20:59added fmt package and fixed typoJaron Swab1+2-1
2021-04-21 01:06Moved mutex declaration out of loopJaron Swab1+3-3
2021-04-13 01:51Merge branch 'master' of Swab0+0-0
2021-04-13 01:50Updated license yearJaron Swab1+2-3
2021-04-13 01:03Added log file for errorsJaron Swab1+29-6
2021-04-08 01:37added format packageJaron Swab4+95-77
2021-04-08 01:14Fixed unexported importsJaron Swab2+28-28
2021-04-08 01:10Started refactorJaron Swab4+50-42
2020-03-17 02:08Fixed volume icon data issueJaron Swab3+43-36
2020-03-17 01:21Update README.mdJaron Swab1+1-0
2020-01-12 18:27Updated to reflect usage changesJaron Swab1+6-2
2020-01-12 18:22Merge pull request #9 from jrswab/feature/openmoji-integrationJaron Swab5+79-45
2020-01-11 17:51Merge pull request #8 from jrswab/developJaron Swab9+85-50
2020-01-09 02:01Merge pull request #7 from jrswab/developJaron Swab4+98-45
2019-11-24 01:31Merge pull request #6 from jrswab/developJaron Swab3+36-18
2019-10-11 00:24Merge pull request #5 from jrswab/developJaron Swab4+76-33
2019-10-11 00:20Merge pull request #4 from jrswab/developJaron Swab8+199-161
2019-10-10 23:35Updated readmeJaron Swab1+2-2
2019-07-04 00:36Merge pull request #2 from jrswab/wttrFixJaron Swab2+17-9
2019-07-04 00:31Merge pull request #1 from jrswab/batteryInfoJaron Swab6+56-14
2019-06-08 21:44Added icon examplesJaron Swab1+9-0
2019-06-08 16:13Added and updated changelog.J. R. Swab2+9-0
2019-06-08 15:44Updated formattingJaron Swab1+3-2
2019-06-08 14:21Updated Changelog to reflect changes.Jaron Swab1+7-0
2019-06-07 01:25strings.Contains to return on the eWttr channel.Jaron Swab1+5-2
2019-06-06 22:06Updated readme to reflect feature updates.Jaron Swab1+4-1
2019-06-06 21:49Updated changelog to reflect wttr update.Jaron Swab1+3-0
2019-06-06 21:46Changed check for wttr server error webpage responce.Jaron Swab2+3-3
2019-06-06 00:40Added icon for Syncthing.Jaron Swab3+34-9
2019-06-05 01:25version updateJaron Swab1+10-0
2019-06-05 01:10Merge branch 'moarBlocks' into 'master'J. R. Swab7+103-19
2019-06-04 01:21tweaksJaron Swab2+1-1
2019-06-04 01:19Merge branch 'volPercent' into 'master'J. R. Swab3+41-7
2019-06-04 00:39added to-doJaron Swab1+2-1
2019-06-03 21:55Merge branch 'master' of Swab1+1-0
2019-06-03 21:33Updated changelogJaron Swab1+9-4
2019-06-03 21:28Merge branch 'statusIcons' into 'master'J. R. Swab5+125-5
2019-06-02 15:12Update CHANGELOG.mdJ. R. Swab1+2-0
2019-06-02 15:11Merge branch 'appLibs' into 'master'J. R. Swab13+224-167
2019-06-01 15:33Added Also updated the test to check for an empty stringJaron Swab2+3-2
2019-05-31 22:08formatting updatesJ. R. Swab1+14-18
2019-05-31 22:04Update CHANGELOG.mdJ. R. Swab1+3-1
2019-05-31 22:03Merge branch 'tmuxStatus' into 'master'J. R. Swab1+23-4
2019-05-31 20:32Update to 0.4.0 to reflect test functionalityJ. R. Swab1+1-1
2019-05-31 20:26Update CHANGELOG.mdJ. R. Swab1+1-1
2019-05-31 20:26Update CHANGELOG.mdJ. R. Swab1+10-10
2019-05-31 20:22Merge branch 'errorAndTests' into 'master'J. R. Swab8+145-73
2019-05-30 21:05Removed pre loop definitions for the variablesJaron Swab1+2-7
2019-05-30 01:54more comment editingJaron Swab1+2-2
2019-05-30 01:51Update comment formattingJ. R. Swab1+2-4
2019-05-30 01:48Update CHANGELOG.mdJ. R. Swab1+9-0
2019-05-30 01:45Merge branch 'timers-in-libs' into 'master'J. R. Swab3+57-59
2019-05-29 19:46Merge branch 'lib-timers' into 'master'J. R. Swab3+61-60
2019-05-29 02:11Merge branch 'libs-routines' into 'master'J. R. Swab3+69-47
2019-05-29 00:07uncommented os/execJaron Swab1+1-1
2019-05-29 00:01Changed output from an array of strings to SprintfJaron Swab1+6-11
2019-05-27 15:10removed postal codeJaron Swab1+2-1
2019-05-27 15:08removed fmt for cmd and added commets to wttrJaron Swab2+5-5
2019-05-27 14:47Update CHANGELOG.mdJ. R. Swab1+4-0
2019-05-27 14:44Merge branch 'weatherPointer' into 'master'J. R. Swab2+11-8
2019-05-25 14:25changed counter to unit16jrswab1+4-3
2019-05-24 21:33Changed errors from fmt.Println or a custom string to the text of errJaron Swab2+9-5
2019-05-24 20:39Merge branch 'nativeGoWttr' into 'master'J. R. Swab1+9-5
2019-05-24 11:44spelling fixesJ. R. Swab1+1-2
2019-05-23 23:38Updated changelogJaron Swab1+10-2
2019-05-23 23:30Strictly expressed custom packages. The packages contained in libs/ needed to be express witouh dot notation for go to compile the code into the binary. Also shortened the space before 'RAM' and added a space after the clock.Jaron Swab1+5-4
2019-05-23 23:22Merge branch 'custom-packages' into 'master'J. R. Swab3+45-28
2019-05-23 16:01Update CHANGELOGJ. R. Swab2+27-16
2019-05-23 13:39Update status.go to main.go; changed reset commentJ. R. Swab2+64-64
2019-05-23 00:59Update README.mdJ. R. Swab1+3-0
2019-05-23 00:55Update README.mdJ. R. Swab1+4-2
2019-05-23 00:53Merge branch 'weather' into 'master'J. R. Swab3+66-9
2019-05-22 21:49Merge branch 'memoryUsage' into 'master'J. R. Swab3+29-7
2019-05-22 18:11Update README.mdJ. R. Swab1+1-0
2019-05-22 18:10Added the optional sectionJ. R. Swab1+5-1
2019-05-22 18:08Update wordingJ. R. Swab1+4-2
2019-05-22 18:07Update spacing.J. R. Swab1+1-0
2019-05-22 18:06Tweaked README.mdJ. R. Swab1+1-1
2019-05-22 14:48Added MIT licenseJ. R. Swab1+21-0
2019-05-22 14:41Update README.mdJ. R. Swab1+5-2
2019-05-22 14:40Update README.mdJ. R. Swab1+1-1
2019-05-22 14:40Added README.mdJ. R. Swab1+11-0
2019-05-22 14:35Added CHANGELOGJ. R. Swab1+16-0
2019-05-22 14:32Ignore the binaryJ. R. Swab1+2-0
2019-05-21 01:30initial commitJaron Swab2+18-0