A password and passphrase generator written in Go.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,3 +1,24 @@ # passgen -A password generator written in Go. -\ No newline at end of file +A command line password generator written in Go. + +By default, the command sends the password/passphrase to your clipboard to paste. +Linux and Unix platforms (not OSX) require xclip or xsel on the system. + +## Passphrase Generation +The phrase command uses the EFF diceware wordlist and creates a passphrase with the desired length and separator. + +Usage: + passgen phrase [command options] [arguments...] + +Options: + --number value, -n value The total number of words to return. (default: 6) + --separator value, -s value Set the character to be used as the word separator. Wrap the character in double quotes. (default: "-") + --stdout, -o Set the output location to stdout. (If used, passphrase will not be copied to the clipboard.) (default: false) + --help, -h show help (default: false) + +### Example: +``` +$ passgen phrase -o -n 4 -s "-" +graceless-routine-knelt-rasping +``` +\ No newline at end of file