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commit 9c61f29bb7da237907e42875ebe7d0084e8ab1ac
parent 77c51c5a6b16387f1792e23acbcf2080f790aa25
Author: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date:   Sat,  2 Sep 2017 13:52:33 +0200

Revert "make clipboard patch obsolete"

This reverts commit 77c51c5a6b16387f1792e23acbcf2080f790aa25.

Having multiple clipboards are useful, for example for plumber scripts.
I've discussed this on IRC and it is useful to have.

Mx.c | 1-
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/x.c b/x.c @@ -507,7 +507,6 @@ xsetsel(char *str, Time t) XSetSelectionOwner(xw.dpy, XA_PRIMARY,, t); if (XGetSelectionOwner(xw.dpy, XA_PRIMARY) != selclear_(NULL); - xclipcopy(); } void